“ When I look at my work, I divide it in three eras:
first, the fine arts, during the 60’s and 70’s,
then the “ photography ” within the meaning of the technical process that you use,
that I did from 1972 to 2004 (advertising, fashion, press and portraits) ; and my actual work that is an extension of my first attempt in fine arts. ”
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After graduating from Fine Arts school in Angers, France,
Jean Larivière (b.1940), begins an experimental artistic research mixing photography, drawings, and animatics.

Supported by surrealist painter Roberto Matta for his animated piece Jamais Toujours (1960-1970), Jean Larivière continue to develop his cinematographic skills by assisting Chris Marker.
He also had the chance to meet with Salvador Dalí, and works with him on a special project.

The ball Jamais, Jamais Toujours, 1965

His strong visual universe, characterized by the duality between naïve musing and very technical productions, gives him access to the world of advertising photography, which was at its climax. During the 70’s, Jean Larivière visual researches rapidly became a reference in Photography, that he put in the service of several magazines.
In 1978, the unique poetry and softness of his work are noticed by Louis Vuitton, and so began a collaboration that will continue for over 30 years.

Jourdan legs, Vogue, 1985

As a globe-trotter, Jean Larivière travelled across the continents to produced the « Spirit of Travel » campaign. This work has helped Louis Vuitton to build an international image, based on quality, prestige and savoir-faire through the art of travel.
During this time, he also collaborates with a lot of magazines such as Vogue, Jardin des Modes, Égoïste, Citizen K, Actuel…. Among his clients he counts Van Cleef and Arpels, Lanvin, Mercedes, Nina Ricci, Charles Jourdan and Lafitte-Rothschild….
He also does photo reportage : Pollution in Czech republic for Actuel Mag, Budapest Bath for Glamour, Pagan temples in Myanmar for Patrimoine 2001 on behalf of UNESCO.

Since 2004, Jean Larivière continues his visual research around the notion of portrait and identity, opening the doors to his personal mythology.



Portrait(s), video interview, 2011


1985    Academy Award for best advertising photographer

1988    Krinzinger gallery, Vienna, Austria
            Retrospective Au-delà de la pub, Espace Van Gogh, Arles, France
            Marconi gallery, Milan, Italy

1987    Hamilton's gallery, London, United Kingdom

1989    Fashion photography festival, Trouville, France

1990    Fashion photography festival, Budapest, Hungary

1991    Fashion photography festival, Barcelona, Spain

1992    Andalusian centre of photography festival, Almeria, Spain
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1996    Travel in Burma, Visa pour l'image, International photography festival, Perpignan, France

1997    Le triomphant and Travel in Burma, under the aegis of Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP),
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2019    Portraits and Landscapes, gallery Piece unique, Paris, France


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