Portrait of Andrée Putman. Installation view

Portrait d’Andrée Putman, 2006

“Andrée poses beautifully ; she gives the photographer the time he needs. During the shoot, we took a break and she was served tea.
I immortalised those relaxed moments with my Hasselblad for more fluidity...

She put down her mug and dabbed her lips with a tissue. As I walked past the rubbish bin, my gaze fell on the hankie with her lipstick imprinted on it.
I snatched it up...”

Portrait of Andrée Putman, contact sheet 6x6, 2006

Portrait of Andrée Putman, Polaroid test, 2006

Andrée Putman, known internationally for her creations and interior design, is shown in a close-up black and white photograph in 4x5 format. Her sharp eyes look straight at the viewer, asserting her avant-garde character.

Faithful to his collector’s spirit, the artist picked up his model’s hankie to celebrate her biting smile, taking a conceptual and ironic approach to this portrait.
Larivière captures the essence of Andrée Putman’s personality in this diptych : chic, audacious, innovative and zesty.

Making-of Portrait of Andrée Putman, 2006                                               

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