Portrait of Alain Souchon. Briefcase view

d’Alain Souchon, 2016

“ Hello mummy, it hurts
Mummy, how did you make me,
I’m so ugly
Hello mummy, it hurts
Hello mummy, it hurts ”

The refrain of the famous song by Alain Souchon.

Alain Souchon by Jean Larivière, 1985

Portrait of Alain Souchon, briefcase view, 2016

Making-of Portrait of Alain Souchon, Jean Larivière in his studio, 2016                               

Portrait of Alain Souchon, manufacturing plan of the case, 2016

The Portrait of Alain Souchon is protected in a Formica briefcase.
When we open the briefcase, we discover a portrait of Alain Souchon, the famous French variety singer,
in the left half.

In the right half, there is a screen showing a full-length portrait of a small boy.
This child – a symbolic alter ego of Alain Souchon –
is dressed in the style of schoolchildren of the past. He stands, facing the spectators with his arms crossed, with a very serious, almost scowling expression.

The quasi-contemplative video invites the viewer to observe him very carefully.
It is a static shot with sequences of micro-movements where only the face and the knee change appearance: as soon as an injury appears on the knee, the child starts to frown, discontented.

One simply needs to lift the portrait of Alain Souchon to discover a first aid kit to dress this little injury.


Portrait of Alain Souchon, teaser, 2016

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