Portrait of an Axe, installation view

Portrait d’une hache, 2013

Making-of Portrait of an Axe,
Jean Larivière in his studio, 2013

Sketch for the video Portrait of an Axe,
drawing by Jean Larivière, 2013

“I was returning from my trip aboard the La Jeanne d’Arc helicopter carrier, where I met
Yellow Dog Aircraft director, a character whose portrait I shot. Returning to my workshop, immersed in my binders and contact sheets,
I found photographs of an object from Kenzo’s collection that he had entrusted to me: a magnificent Indian axe the balance of which one feels when
one seizes it by the handle, making one want to spin it around in space.
I suddenly imagined combining these two components, seeing the axe as an aircraft steered by the Yellow Dog.”

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