La machine de Dalí

Paris, 1966

Chris Marker warned Jean Larivière that Dalí was going to be in rue Saint-Jacques to inaugurate his sundial.
Jean Larivière called the Meurice hotel where Dalí was staying, and sent him a message stating that he had the immense luck of being able to meet him since —exceptionally— he was passing through Paris.

Dalí took the bait and arranged to meet him two days later. During the meeting, Jean brought him an engraving of a curious machine which he declared capable of “disintegrating erotic feelings”.

Dalí was fascinated by this idea and asked him to make it using precious materials: quartz, ivory and lapis-lazuli, among others.

Dalí’s Machine, sculpture

Paris, 2021

The machine could never be built according to Dalí’s wishes due to lack of resources.
However, Larivière kept this idea in mind and still has the mysterious construction plan of this machine made of glass panes mounted on universal joints, projecting images. But its embodiment remains secret.

Dalí’s Machine, sketch 

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