Projet Soleil

The portrait of the Sun works in two different ways: on the one hand,
it is a portrait of our star over 11 years. Eleven years, because that is the periodicity of the solar cycle. This work can be extended indefinitely after the artist’s death.
The celestial body has been filmed and photographed frame by frame.
On the other hand, there is the realisation of the Soul of Travel, in this specific case of the “Great Journey”.

Representation of the Sun’s displacement for 11 years, i.e. 5,203,400,000km

“ For example, when you illuminate a lighthouse at night, you are signalling a place, but above all you make it exist physically, you anchor it in a specific area.
By transporting the Sun to the centre of the Louis Vuitton Foundation, I am signalling this place to the world, like sticking a pin in a map.
We then realise that this point moves, because the Earth revolves around itself while spinning around the Sun, and the Sun itself is moving through the galaxy towards the star Vega.

The sun

This movement is called APEX in Astronomy.
The work is therefore photographic, kinetic and cinematic at the same time.
Over 11 years, the Foundation will have moved in space in our galaxy of five billion two hundred and three million four hundred thousand kilometres, and with this project, I transform it into a spaceship. Let us be taken by the beauty of the images.”

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